Olymswim Progression Program™

We pride ourselves on being the absolute leaders in the learn to swim market, placing extreme emphasis on foundation, technique and stroke development. Our sessions are structured to maximize stroke improvement while eliminating wasted time playing in the pool. Our goal is to ensure swimmers have fun learning to swim properly, with great enthusiastic hands on coaching. Our OlymSwim Progression Program is just that, focussed, deliberate and proven. Designed by Gary Nolden (Head Coach of Toronto Olympian Swim Team), OlymSwim Progression Program™ is a dynamic 12 level program for children and adults beginning as early as two years of age.

“Where Kids Love To Come and Love To Swim”

Each level of the OLYMSWIM Progression Program™ will increase swimming skill and endurance. Specific hands-on attention is given to stroke correction at all times ensuring a strong foundation is developed in overall swimming technique.

OLYMSWIM Progression Program™ features an individual approach to instruction (Low 4:1 student teacher ratio) that makes it easy to teach swimmers of different abilities and needs. Four strokes are taught gradually so that children and adults can learn to swim confidently and build their endurance.

We offer a complete progression beginning in our “BLUE” program which includes our level 1-3 program (Water Comfort & Safety), our 4-6 program (Stroke Development & Foundation), and our 7-12 program (Stroke Enhancement & Efficiency). All programs are extremely technique based. The Olympian School of Swimming is one of the only learn to swim schools that offer a complete program. Beginning with the fundamentals at the learn to swim level, progressing to intermediate swimming, progressing again into pre-competitive swimming techniques and finally into performance competitive swimming. Olympian swimming prides itself on being able to offer swim programs at every stage of development.

In the advanced levels swimmers are given the option to enroll into Royal Lifesaving courses; BRONZE STAR/MEDALLION & CROSS and National Lifeguarding. Our swimmers are then trained within the business by our professional Competitive swim Team Coaches and in turn hired as instructors teaching the next generation of new swimmers. A complete program!!

Our mission is to challenge the swimmers at each stage of development, ensuring that every opportunity for advancement is available. Swimmers become eligible to enroll in our advanced programs when beyond a level 10 in skill proficiency. Our philosophy is to establish proper technique and fundamentals in a controlled, low ratio environment. Endurance takes a secondary role until correct technique is firmly engrained. Level 1 – 9 encompasses this philosophy.

Intermediate – Advanced Programs

Pre-competitive: Olympic Way (4 competitive strokes/turns/dives)
Competitive: Toronto Olympian Swim Team

Contact Warden 416.492.0622, Markham 905. 471-8301 or Midland 416.396.4012 for class availability and pricing.

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