Olympian School of Swimming

Olympian School of Swimming is one of the largest private learn to swim organizations in the country. Olympian Swimming provides both swimming lessons and competitive swimming to over 9000 children and adults in Toronto, and surrounding areas on a weekly basis, year round, 7 days per week. Olympian Swimming, the absolute best in the swim school business.

“Where Kids Love To Come and Love To Swim”

We pride ourselves on being the absolute leaders in the learn to swim market, placing extreme emphasis on foundation, technique and stroke development. Our sessions are structured to maximize stroke improvement while eliminating wasted time playing in the pool. Our goal is to ensure swimmers have fun learning to swim properly, with great enthusiastic hands on coaching. Our OlymSwim Progression Program is just that, focussed, deliberate and proven.

Our instructors are trained regularly and on-going ensuring a depth of experience and qualification second to none. We have professional competitive swim team coaches on staff working with our instructors so they are able to deliver top quality service at each stage of development.


Our programs are divided into FOUR AREAS, each with a different swimming focus.

BLUE PROGRAM (Learn To Swim) focussed on developing our young swimmers, ensuring Water Comfort & Safety, progressing to Stroke Development & Foundation, and finally Stroke Enhancement & Efficiency. This program is 100% technique based

ORANGE PROGRAM (Pre-Competitive) focussed on swimmers who have completed the Blue program, and now wish to take their swimming to the next level, swimming pre-competitively. We now shift from 100% technique, to including a major focus on Endurance, Fly/Back/Breast/Free/IM with Starts/Turns/Dives/Finishes

RED PROGRAM (Competitive) focussed on swimmers who want to take their swimming to the ultimate level, having completed a minimum of level 10 in our Blue program and/or having trained in our pre-competitive Orange program. These swimmers will compete with other swimmers in the city/province, training anywhere from 2 times per week (for our intro swimmers) to our top swimmers training up to 8 times per week.

GREEN PROGRAM (Lifesaving) focussed on acquiring the necessary qualifications to become a swimming instructor and/or Lifeguard. We offer Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, CPR, National Lifesaving courses

YELLOW PROGRAM (Adults) is exclusively for Adults. The focus is on Water Comfort & Safety, progressing to Stroke Development & Foundation, and finally Stroke Enhancement & Efficiency. This program is 100% technique based


We are proud to be the only swim school in the GTA to offer our endless pool to our customer base (Bullock location only). Our ENDLESS POOL is where athletes can swim/move against a current, remaining in one place, while swimming. Swimmers can then monitor stroke mechanics using mirrors that are strategically placed on the floor and ceiling, providing instant feedback. Video analysis is easily incorporated.

Our Competitive Swim Team uses this throughout the season but it is also available to our pre-competitive swimmers and level 7-12 swimmers when not in use, either prior-to/after their swim lessons. Click here for video

In the News

Penny Oleksiak sets Canadian record with gold medal, fourth of Olympics.

Penny Oleksiak


Warden Pool Location

2541 Warden Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Email: warden@myolympianswimming.com

Programs Offered:

Midland Pool Location

720 Midland Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Email: midland@myolympianswimming.com

Hours of Operation:
Mon, Wed, Fri: 4:30pm – 8:30pm
Sat & Sun: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Programs Offered:

Bullock Pool Location

150 Bullock Drive
Markham, Ontario
905.471.8301 or 416-492-0622

Email: bullock@myolympianswimming.com

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Fri: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Sat & Sun: 8:30am – 7:00pm

Programs Offered: