Hello Swimmers and Parents,

We are excited to announce that we have now completed 4 weeks of our new schedule and in our reimagined facilities which have successfully incorporated physical distancing and Covid19 measurements and it has been a wonderful success. We wanted to take this moment to thank and commend the parents and swimmers for so closely adhering to the new protocols and for respecting the health and safety of the Olympian Swimming community—our entire Olym Swim family is awesome!! 

As much as we all want to resume our more familiar lives, the swimmers and parents have been loving the space and extra attention that we offered this summer! As a result, and in keeping with the recommendations of Health Canada, we will continue to offer the OlymSwim program in the coming weeks at reduced ratios. However there will be some minor changes to our schedule which we believe will be of great benefit to our Olympian Swimming families. 

We will be closed between Sept 1st-7th in preparation for our fall schedule. Effective Sept 8th, we will be moving into the next phase of our reopening. In this phase we are allowed operate at 50% capacity. This means that we will only be running one class at a time in our small pools for the 1-3 swimmers, and rather than a 4:1 ratio we will only offer a 3:1 ratio. This is a great opportunity for the beginning swimmers to learn with focused classes and increased space!

Our 4-6 swimmers will also move to a 3:1 ratio, enabling us to increase the space for our 7-12 swimmers which will remain at a 4:1 ratio, however, we will be eliminating the middle lane from the pools to make the remaining lanes wider (ie: from 6 feet wide to between 9-12 feet). Like our competitive team has successfully done this summer, and as per the recommendations of Swim Ontario, the swimmers will swim in a square—this means each swimmer will begin class in one of the 4 corners of the pool and will swim, in a “square” throughout the lesson. This allows us to safely have four swimmers per class, which keeps the cost down, and ensures swimmers can physically distance while in the pool 

For the rest of August, our change-room areas will continue to remain closed; however, in September we will be opening the change-rooms and shower areas with our cleaning staff on site. When the showers reopen, will be closing off every other shower to ensure physical distancing, this coupled with the reduced capacity by 50% will have a profound impact on space and the ability to shower and change. Moreover, our new on deck showers will continue to be available. 

We would like to thank all our customers for their support during these last few months, your patience and trust in Olympian Swimming has been overwhelming and we will continue to ensure that we give you the best possible swim environment in the country!

Looking forward to seeing everybody soon.
Gary & Shauna
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How will Olympian Swimming keep you safe?

**We know from the CDC and other public health agencies that the virus cannot live in chlorine. The pool is therefore our safest area, which is great news, and we will ensure (as we always do) that our pools are properly chlorinated, and chemically balanced 

What other measures have we implemented?

  1. Reduced ratio classes
  2. Staff will have a Health Symptoms Check
  3. We kindly ask that everyone entering the facility complete the Health Symptoms Checklist 
  4. Staff and Students will arrive and depart in their uniforms and/or swimsuits so as to limit common area usage and traffic
  5. All staff will wear safety masks that cover their mouth and nose and coaches will teach in plastic visors
  6. We kindly ask that you and your child (over the age of 2) wear masks in and out of the school.  Your child may take it off for the lessons.
  7. Maintain a safe 6-foot distance from anyone not in your immediate family while in the swim school (we have provided seating throughout our facilities which meet all physical distancing requirements—see videos)
  8.  Please for now have only 1 parent or caregiver accompany your children to lessons to help us reduce the number of people in the building and assist with social distancing
  9. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your class time
  10. Instructors will be provided with a plastic face shield to be worn at all times during lessons
  11. Instructors will ensure a safe distance between students on the wall and throughout the lane during lessons
  12. While we love having families enjoy our beautiful facilities, we kindly ask that you leave the facility as soon as your lessons are over
  13. Staff and families are encouraged to use restroom facilities prior to entering the building however, restroom facilities are available for use if necessary
  14. The locker room, changing rooms and showers will be closed during the first phase, reopening September 2020,
  15. All door handles and common surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day
  16. The facility will be professionally cleaned and disinfected nightly
  17. The pool deck will be cleaned and disinfected nightly
  18. Pool chemicals will be monitored every two hours to ensure that chlorine levels are maintained
  19. In house cleaning staff will be singularly focused on surface cleaning during operational hours
  20. Increased Hand sanitation stations throughout the facilities
  21. Unlimited makeups (stay home if you are sick, follow self evaluation guidelines)
  22.  Increased seating area options for the parents that will be clearly marked and designated
  23. Removal of high contact items where possible (doors, tables, interactive game, blow dryers etc)
  24. Addition of on-deck rinse showers (see video)

What can you do to help when we reopen?

1.    Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and/or utilize our hand sanitizer  stations

2.    Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

3.    Cover your cough. 

4.    Stay at home if you feel unwell, follow self-evaluation guidelines (unlimited makeups)

5.    Limit the number of people in your family coming to watch the swim lesson

6.    Wear your swim suit to the pool

7.    Shower at home following your swim lesson

We have created a very safe environment for your family and kids so that they can continue swimming and we hope you will take advantage of our reimagined space and programs. We believe this opportunity to swim is vitally important to both your child’s physical and mental health. As always, we look forward to welcoming you back to Olympian Swimming where we will provide top quality lessons in a fun and safe environment!


Gary & Shauna