Competitive Swimming

Welcome to the Toronto Olympian Swim Team! This dynamic young team offers a full range of programs from Novice to Age Group National level swimming. Our philosophy is to provide the opportunity for all swimmers to achieve their greatest potential through program excellence and coaching expertise.

We offer a serious program focused on achievement inline with individual ability, excitement and a strong social commitment to the team. By focusing on achievement through swimming, we will strive to develop team spirit, unity and support.

We schedule into our programming regular Swim Ontario/Swim Canada sanctioned competitions on a monthly basis, both locally and in neighbouring cities. Invitational through to Provincial through to Junior National level swimming.

Olympian Swim Team - Toronto, ON
Our swimmers are divided into 5 distinct groups corresponding to their age, individual skill and ability levels.

We strive to ensure that the Long Term Development of the athlete is of primary concern. These groups are BRONZE 2 (Tops), BRONZE 1 (Olympians), SILVER 2 (Pro B), SILVER 1 (Pro A) and GOLD (Elite & Elite Jr).

All new swimmers coming into the Team 12 years and younger, start in the BRONZE 2 program. All new swimmers coming into the Team 13 years and older, start in the SILVER 2 program Once they have acquired the necessary skill requirements (technique and aerobic conditioning) and have reached certain stages in the maturation process, athletes are then selected to progress into the next group (ie: BRONZE 1, SILVER 1, GOLD, etc.).

Olympian Swim Team - Toronto, ON

We encourage all swimmers to maximize their potential in the water, both in training and competition. In this process learning skills in coping, adapting, decision making, individuality and positive self image.

The Toronto Olympian Swim Team was originally founded as a competitive swim club that was coach run and coach driven, providing an aquatic program that would suit the need of every swimmer at every skill level.

To this day, the Toronto Olympian Swim Team maintains this standard having influenced over 2000 competitive swimmers of all ages.


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